JSEcoin (JSE)

Currently in ICO Stage

By: ThinkAltcoin.com

1. General

According to JSEcoin’s whitepaper, JSEcoin’s “ambition is to create an energy efficient cryptocurrency mined by webmasters which is adopted globally by mainstream users.” In simpler terms, JSEcoin’s goal is to have websites adopt JSEcoin as the method for revenue, an easy access, energy efficient coin that removes the need for traditional cryptocurrency mining that “use an unsustainable amount of electrical power”.

All people struggle with gaining revenue. People following stocks, cryptocurrencies, or any other industry, do so in hopes for wealth for themselves or their family. With the advent of the internet, websites began populating the world space, and with that came the need for website developers to monetize their sites. As time has passed, more and more individuals are turning to computers and smartphones. With over one billion websites in the world, the need for consistent revenue from the internet is needed. However, simple ads on a website generate very little wealth to the common user and are obstructive and annoying. Who wants to stay on a website with dozens of ads? But if it weren’t for ads, these websites wouldn’t be able to function.

This isn’t simply an issue for the common website owner. Even major news sources like the New York Times or the Wall Street Journal notes loses in revenue. There is only a limit to the number of ads that can be placed on a website without turning away customers and users, and with the invention of ad-block (I use one too) and antimalware, these ads are being blocked. From my personal experience, I tend to stray away from annoying ad-filled sites and blogs, and read those that are ad-block allowed.

JSEcoin was created by James Bachini and the JSEcoin team. Read more about them on their team page.

Currently, since JSE is not listed on exchanges and still in their ICO stage, the JSEcoin team has control of the direction JSE is going. However, with transparent updates on their progress, the JSE team provides webmasters and miners alike with opportunity for input.

JSEcoin fixes two issues. Currently, newspapers and website owners alike struggle with revenue and distractions, with their sole source of income, ads, being blocked by ad blocking software. In addition, traditional mining for coins like Bitcoin is extremely energy inefficient. JSEcoin fixes both issues with one blockchain, providing an easily minable coin that allows webmasters to generate for revenue. Since webmasters are able to have users mine for JSEcoin, it incentivizes webmasters to continue using the JSEcoin script, which in turn increases the coins value.  

Yes! JSEcoin has been rapidly adopted by webmasters, with over 23 thousand sites. At the current stage of the ICO, there is more room to grow. With opportunities for webmasters to generate revenue through a minimally invasive mining script, websites from across the globe (USA, Russia, China) have already adopted the JSEcoin mining script. With so much more room for JSEcoin to grow, and plenty of JSEcoin left to be distributed, people will continue to utilize the mining script.

With the ICO online, the easiest way to get JSEcoin is purchasing coins through their website: https://jsecoin.com/tag/ico/. For webmasters, inputting the JSEcoin script onto their websites will allow websites to ask users for permission to mine the coin. Provided the user accepts, webmasters will be put into a drawing of 100 JSEcoin every 30 seconds for the opportunity to earn 2 coins. For regular browser/software miners, users can mine through either the JSEcoin website or software for hashes, for an opportunity to win 1 JSEcoin every 30 seconds in a 50 JSEcoin lottery pool.

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JSEcoin is similar in anonymity to that of Bitcoin, with only the public address available to been seen on their transaction ledgers.

10 trillion JSEcoin.

2. Economics

With JSEcoin in ICO territory and not listed on exchanges yet, the only way to send JSEcoin is by email address. On the JSEcoin website, if you go to the transfer page, you can send and receive payments by email.

The greatest advantage of accumulating JSEcoin is its low prices, and its current early stage. With low prices, there’s a lot more potential for the price to increase than decrease. Especially with a coin like JSEcoin with a specific niche that’s needed to be filled, JSEcoin has the potential to at minimum increase above its current ICO prices. With the lowest coin on Coinmarketcap.com being $.000133 (as of 8/15/2018), a 30% loss from $.004, and the highest coin being Bitcoin at $6446 (as of 8/15/2018), a 1612500% increase, there definitely is huge upside in accumulating JSEcoin.


Furthermore, since JSEcoin is in its early stages, collecting the coin is extremely easy. With the competition for self mining and web mining extremely low (due to the lack of current exposure), the ability to accumulate JSEcoin is simple and quick.


In addition, when companies like Forbes online magazine and other major news networks has large amounts of ads and still notices losses, there will be huge incentives for a clean, fair, revenue source. The possibilities are endless. As more and more interest grows around the coin, its price will skyrocket. When more and more website creators begin generating JSEcoin, its value will rise. Because there is no consistent and verified leader for website makers, JSEcoin has all the potential in the world to fill that void. One of the reasons I saw value in JSEcoin, was that I want to become a blogger. With this option for revenue, owning a website becomes so much more alluring.

Furthermore, there are no scams using reverse payments. Once a payment is sent, the currency cannot be returned to the payer unless the receiver agrees to a refund. This means greater security of payments for the seller, increasing Bitcoin’s popularity in commerce. Because the Bitcoin network completely decentralized, any person of any race, culture, or age, can exchange Bitcoin. The hassle of paperwork that banks require are not existent in Bitcoin wallets. Additionally, even with Bitcoin’s pricing fluctuations, in general, Bitcoin is rapidly appreciating, which means that the value of Bitcoin is still going up, making each Bitcoin you receive now more valuable in the future.

Although there is no need to invest in JSEcoin’s ICO (since mining is still easy), if you were to invest in the ICO, there is only one true disadvantage. JSEcoin has a niche with an issue to fix. The disadvantage is the same disadvantage as investing in any ICO: the idea might not work, or might not get adopted. With all new ideas, the risk of failure remains the most prevelant issue.

JSEcoin prides themselves on being transparent. Beyond focusing on being completely transparent about their mining habits, the company leaders consistently put themselves at the forefront of this idea. I always shy away from sites that hide their founders, in order to protect themselves as they scam others. Although the identity of Bitcoin’s founder remains anonymous, many developers have constantly publicly push forward its ideas, and the code itself is completely open-sourced. Ethereum has Vitalik Buterin, Litecoin has Charlie Lee, and the list goes on and on. JSEcoin lists all their team members and developers, from the co-founders down (see JSEcoin Team Page). With their activeness in social media platforms, blog sites, and their Youtube channel (see JSEcoin Youtube Channel), their company is completely transparent about their goals and recent and upcoming advancements.

3. Use

JSECoin.com: Currently, the only wallet available is on their main website. However, as the ICO concludes and the coin is added to exchanges, there will be other options (like exchanges) available.

As long as you have your password for your JSEcoin website and access to your email that you signed up with, you should be able to retrieve your account at JSEcoin.com.

4. Future

And so we reach the biggest question of this article. Is this coin a plausible solution for websites to earn revenue?

Safe use? Mining doesn’t damage the computer? Ability to mine for a profit? No profit deductions by company?

Simply put, JSEcoin solves all of these issues. Users never want to go to malware filled sites. From its whitepaper, JSEcoin states that it “is a 100% opt-in only platform. No mining is carried out without the end users consent.” By beginning with a message that allows users to opt-out, it immediately builds trust with the user. As JSEcoin will be listed on exchanges, it becomes a currency for users to earn. Like STEEM with blogging, earning JSEcoins allow website creators to monetize their blogs and sites. With its merchant tools, JSEcoin allows additional revenue services that cater to website owners.

JSEcoin is already the most popular opt-in browser mining platform, and with the ICO just beginning, there is so much more room to grow. Websites like Forbes magazine and The New York Times are thirsting for more revenue, and JSEcoin fills that gap. Website owners across the globe continually look for more revenue options, and JSEcoin fills that gap. JSEcoin is definitely set for future growth and possible domination of the revenue model for current and future websites.