How to Make a Faucet

Learn how to make a faucet here!
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In this article, I’ll teach you guys how to make a cryptocurrency faucet linked to FaucetHub! I’ll go through every step slowly and with pictures to teach you guys how to make a fully functional and profitable faucet and become a faucet owner!

Let’s begin!

First, create an account on 000webhostapp by clicking on the following banner!

000webhostapp is an amazing site that provides free domains and free hosting! This will cut down your website creation costs and maximize your profits. When you get into the website list page, click on the plus button to create your website!

Once you click on it, it’ll take you to a new screen that asks you to put your website name and password.

You can use any name you want (for my example, I’ll use “howtomakeafaucet” and change to password to something I’ll remember). Then finish up by clicking the red “Create” button!

Once you create the website, it’ll take you to the “build website” page. Click on the “Manage database” tab to continue! Once you are on that page, scroll down to create a new database.

Click on the “Manage database” tab to continue! Once you are on that page, scroll down to create a new database.

Click on new database, to continue! Create a name, a username, and a password you will remember! Then, click the red “Create” button!

Copy down the “DB Name”, the “DB User”, and remember your password! They will be needed in an upcoming step.

Now, download the script for your faucet. We will be using the Ultimate Faucet In a Box script by Download the script from here: 

Next, click the “File Manager” tab!

Then click “Upload Files Now”!

Once you’re in the file manager, start uploading the script you downloaded from the link above! Click on the arrow pointing up at the cloud at the top right!

Then, it’ll ask you to upload your files. Select the zipped “” and press “Upload”. Once you are there, right click on the file to extract! (Sometimes, there is a glitch and you won’t be able to extract. But that’s ok! Extract the file in your own computer, and then upload the files directly.)

Once you are done extracting, your files should look like this:

Double click the first file, and then double click it again to enter into the script’s files.

Check the box next to the “Name” column, and then click on the red arrow tab to move to the public_html folder!

Once the button has been clicked, click on the blue “Change” button for destination. Then, click the name right after your website name, which should be public_html.

Once you are there, click on “Select This” to pick the public_html folder! Once you have clicked on that, click on the red “Move” button.

Now, click on the config file in the public_html folder to continue!

Change the $dbuser, $dbpass, and $dbname to what you copied down earlier. Then, change the $faucethub_ref_url to your FaucetHub account referral link! Once you’re down with all those things, click on the white “Save & Close” button! And you’re ready to go onto your site! Go back to the hosting home page, and click on your website link! (Or, search your website in Google)

Once you are there, your page should provide you with your faucet password! MAKE SURE YOU SAVE THAT PASSWORD TO ACCESS YOUR ADMIN PANEL!

Then, click the “Click here to continue”! Once you are done with that, it will take you to your admin panel login page. Input the password you just saved, solve the recaptcha, and continue!

You’re here! Let’s finish it up!

Create your “Faucet name”, and “Short description”! Then, open up your FaucetHub “faucet manager” page under the User+ tab! Click on the “Your Faucets” tab, and then the “Create a New Faucet” button! Type in your faucet name, and copy in your link!

Then, click the green “Add Faucet”! In that page, edit your basic information to get added to the premium faucet lists! You can do that on your own. For now, click the blue “Show API Key”, and copy the red line that it gives you. Then, head back to your faucet website and input your api key to continue. Choose which currency you would like in your faucet, the amount of time needed to pass for a person to claim again, Referral earnings, and other options! Those are up to you. Check the “Detect and block adblock” to ensure you are earning ad revenue!

Then, change how you want your rewards to be given and press the green “Save” button. Now, let’s go to the Captcha page. You can choose your Captcha method: I will use SolveMedia. Then, once you have added a site to SolveMedia, copy your keys over to your faucet website! Then, click the green “Save Changes”. Now, let’s go to “Short Links” tab! These sites are where you will make the most profits!


You can choose to make the short link required, and provide an extra reward for completing the shortlink if you would like. I usually require the short link to maximize profits!

My favorite 3 short link sites are:

Regardless of what the script says, those 3 are my favorites in that order! If you would like to use other short link sites, there is more on my Other Sites page. Then, input your developers API token into each site you pick! Then, scroll down and click on the green “Save Changes”.

On the templates page, you can add your advertisements. I only use Anonymous Ads, and it pays in Bitcoin! Check out the button below!

Now, let’s move on the the “Security” tab. I enable “AntiBotLinks” to ensure that only real users are claiming from my faucets.

Then, save your changes!

YOU’RE DONE! Your faucet has been created and ready for users to claim! You can change features once you are in the admin panel for other options and more advertisements!

One more revenue method! I use JSEcoin to get users to mine for me: it is COMPLETELY SAFE FOR BOTH YOU AND THE USER!

Congrats! You’re done!

Live Faucet: 

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