How to Make a Faucet

Learn how to make an autofaucet here!
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In this article, I’ll teach you guys how to make a cryptocurrency faucet linked to FaucetHub! I’ll go through every step slowly and with pictures to teach you guys how to make a fully functional and profitable faucet and become a faucet owner!

Let’s begin!

First, create an account on 000webhostapp by clicking on the following banner!

000webhostapp is an amazing site that provides free domains and free hosting! This will cut down your website creation costs and maximize your profits. When you get into the website list page, click on the plus button to create your website!

Once you click on it, it’ll take you to a new screen that asks you to put your website name and password.

You can use any name you want (for my example, I’ll use “howtoautofaucet” and change to password to something I’ll remember). Then finish up by clicking the red “Create” button!

Now, download the script for your faucet. We will be using the auto faucet script by Download the script from here:

Next, click the “File Manager” tab!

Then click “Upload Files Now”!

Once you’re in the file manager, start uploading the script you downloaded from the link above! Click on the arrow pointing up at the cloud at the top right!

Then, it’ll ask you to upload your files. Select the zipped “” and press “Upload”. Once you are there, right click on the file to extract! (Sometimes, there is a glitch and you won’t be able to extract. But that’s ok! Extract the file in your own computer, and then upload the files directly.)

Once you are done extracting, your files should look like this:

Double click the first file, and then double click it again to enter into the script’s files.

Check the box next to the “Name” column, and then click on the red arrow tab to move to the public_html folder!

Once the button has been clicked, click on the blue “Change” button for destination. Then, click the name right after your website name, which should be public_html.

Once you are there, click on “Select This” to pick the public_html folder! Once you have clicked on that, click on the red “Move” button.

Now, click on the config file in the public_html folder to continue!

First, change $cfg_refresh_time to the number of seconds you want to pass before each page refresh, then make the coins you want active to be true, change the amount to however much you want to give per time interval, include your FaucetHub api, turn on captcha (if you would like users to mine on CoinHive, and replace the public and secret api keys), turn on shortlink if you would like users to help you generate more revenue (and input the shortlink api key), and finish off by changing  $cfg_fh_username, $cfg_site_name, and $cfg_site_url. You’re ready to move on!

Head over to the “lib” folder, and then click on the “shortlink.php” Change all of the blue words with linkrex to your shortlink address: for example, I’m using Link4Win.

The rest is up to you! You can remove advertisements and then add your own ads to “faucet.php” and “index.php”. You can remove the navigation portals through those files as well (located right after the </head> and will contain the word “banner”), and if you would like to add your own customized banner, go to “bannernavbar.php”.

Change the blue link to your chosen linked page, and change the second blue line to whichever name you want seen. For example:

The banner will link you to and the name shown will be ThinkAltcoin on the bar.

And you’re done!

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